All That’s Lovely Introductory Blog☀️

So, I’m a really normal girl. I’m talking super ordinary. Not in a bad way!! In a really good way. I just am who I am! That’s the way I’ve always been. And I dabble in everything… but I’ve found that what I’m most passionate about in life is making the world around me more beautiful. Whether that’s the way I love to write music or sing songs or decorate my home or put together bouquets or watercolor said bouquets…. I simply love beauty. It’s even the reason why I started this blog. Wisdom is described as a treasure, a jewel of high value, and I would love nothing more than to breathe the beauty of Jesus-given wisdom into the air of the people He died to love.

And over this past year, my blog has become a creative outlet for me to share the thing I’m most passionate about: Jesus’s love that brings in outcasts and sinners, renames them sons and daughters, and gives each and every child a spot at His table. The idea from the start was to make this a safe place for me to share the lessons I learn from my daily abiding with Jesus at His table, abiding in His everyday-kinda-love.

So, now I’m adding onto it! I want to add a different type of encouragement (and yes I’m definitely still gonna be posting my devotional blogs!). I want to add a section where I can include you into my trial and errors, where I can let you into my dabbles and passions and obviously a bunch of pictures of my cutie rabbit River. I want to encourage the creatives and dreamers and perfectionists that we don’t all have to be the same person… that anything worth doing is worth failing at and that creativity is about more than the current trends. I’m not here to advertise to you or to tell you all the unnecessary things in your life that you “need” (but not really). We don’t have to buy all the same decorations (in fact, I’m pretty sure I made most of mine LOL) and boil our interests down to a Pinterest-science. I’m simply here to share my own creativity to encourage other people to be fearless in creating all that is lovely.

So, here’s to the start of adventure and home tour photo galleries, experimenting with new plants and propagation techniques (and how-to’s when I finally get it right), and a whole bunch of fun times dabbling in watercolor art and photography. I hope these ventures encourage and enlighten and inspire you too to bask in the freedom to create all that makes your world lovely.

All my love,