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E G Y P T 💛

HI!!!! Welcome to my gallery of Egypt pictures! Here you’ll find a mix of our adventure day to the pyramids, our camel ride experience (wow so fun!!) and some pictures of our team in action as we loved on kiddos in a school for Sudanese refugees, maybe taught them how to break dance (LOL), and … Continue reading E G Y P T 💛

Art customization form

Hi there! Thank you so much for choosing me to create art for your home! It is such an honor to get to fill homes with my paintings, not to mention that I get to do what I love and call it work. So, there are a few options when it comes to my creations … Continue reading Art customization form

makeshift studio design

Hi buds!! So, as you probably know, I’ve been painting more and more everyday as I work to turn my art into a business. This has been super hard over the past weeks as my kitchen table was the only place I could really do my art. Before I rearranged my room, all of my … Continue reading makeshift studio design