Quarantine Crafts: a Watercolor Guide for Beginners

Hi buds!!! Happy quarantine, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

So, I know a bunch of people are wanting to dabble in watercolors right now, it’s the perfect time! It’s such a great creative outlet and you don’t even have to leave your house. Honestly, if you’re just wanting to paint for fun you don’t need much. Before I started painting forrealsies, I used sketching paper and a watercolor palette from Walmart and was happy as a clam! But if you want to use this as a time to grow in watercolor art as a hobby and to learn to create things that you can give to your people, then I’m going to give you a guide for where to start with your supplies. And if you want to join me, I’ll be hosting paint-with-me sessions on Instagram live where you can help me pick the color palettes, see how I mix my colors, and watch my process.

Supplies ☀️

Truly, if you don’t wanna wait on Amazon to ship your paper and you wanna just paint on whatever you have at home that is perfectly fine. However if you don’t have any supplies at all or want to get some better supplies this is what I’d suggest!

P A P E R –

The paper that I would suggest you order is one that was suggested to me by one of my favorite artists. It’s cheap and beautiful and you won’t feel guilty for using it to do allll your practicing.


Paints are tricky! I used the aforementioned Walmart watercolor palette for far too long before switching to Winsor and Newton paints. I wouldn’t recommend buying watercolor paint tubes if you’re just going to paint for the next few weeks or months, one tube will last you forever and each color is between five and ten dollars. So! I’m gonna list some fun options that I found on Amazon that are rated well and won’t break the bank.


So, brushes are a bit more flexible. I use the Princeton Neptune series, which is a line of professional brushes that are more expensive but better quality because I watercolor every single day and plan to make it a business! However, there are Princeton brushes that are still great but more budget friendly if you want to invest in a few! Round brushes between sizes 0 and 8 are great to start. However! I’m gonna list some watercolor brush sets that are highly rated and less expensive so you can start off with more sizes.

And there you have it!

Those are some trusty supplies for the learning process!! I’ll also being doing a tips and tricks guide for beginning artists in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes peeled if you fall in love with watercoloring and want to keep growing. If you have any specific questions about watercoloring, feel free to direct message me on Instagram (my handle is @whitlynweb and it’s also linked at the very bottom of the page) or reply to my “ask me a question about watercoloring” poll when I post it on my Instagram story on Thursday. Excited to art with you, buds!

All my love.