makeshift studio design

Hi buds!!

So, as you probably know, I’ve been painting more and more everyday as I work to turn my art into a business. This has been super hard over the past weeks as my kitchen table was the only place I could really do my art. Before I rearranged my room, all of my supplies were permanently strewn across my kitchen table and every single chair… which, as you can imagine, was the most annoying and made me feel like my whole home was a continual mess. I also never really used my bedroom because my bed was in the middle of the room taking up most of the space, and my used-to-be-tiny (now actually giant) plants crowded every single inch that was leftover from my bed.

But when my mom came to visit, we thought we’d play with the idea of moving things around in my room. We rearranged my furniture, which happened to completely open up the room, giving me so much space to make a mini studio and it is also THE CUTEST!! So, I wanted to show you my makeshift studio design so that you can use any of my ideas and tricks if you need design inspiration to help you best utilize your (maybe also small) place!!!

This was the most fun project ever!!! I hope you enjoyed your lil tour of my room and mini studio. It was such a treat to make something super practical and also beautiful with the space in my room, and my hope is that you feel encouraged and inspired to make the most of where you live too. This is proof that you don’t have to live somewhere huge in order to make it a place where you love to spend your time and enjoy your days (and your work). It’s totally worth the effort and also SO much fun. Let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to see your creations and rearrangements too!

All my love,